The team behind the course.


  • Cho Yin Yong

    Engineering Manager, Verto Health

Teaching Assistants

  • Porom Kamal

  • Rohan Dey

  • Maaz Hashmi

Industry Experts

  • Sandrine Monfourny-Daigneault

    Senior Engineer, Spotify

  • Samuel Zhou

    Architect, Verto Health

  • Aleksander Bodurri

    Angular Core Contributor and Team Lead, Development, Verto Health

  • Zhili (Jerry) Pan

    MSc. Cybersecurity, ETH Zürich

  • Jacky Zhuang

    Associate Software Engineer, Veeva Systems

  • Frederic Pun

    Full-Stack Software Engineer, Cisco Meraki

  • Francisco Lee

    Technical Enablement Lead, DevOps

  • Olivia Zhang

    Principal Software Engineer, Capital One

  • Jeffrey Cheung

    Software Engineering Manager, Symon at Varicent